Why our fLat shoes are perfect for you

Have you looked at shoes online before and thought:

* Are they really comfortable?  

* My feet are too wide, too big/small, I have narrow heels so I can't wear these shoes?

* I like these shoes, but I wear orthotics so they won't work for me. 

* What if I get the wrong size?

* What would I wear them with? 

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Penny Lovell
I took upside down pictures throughout Europe

I realise that sounds crazy. But why not flip the world on its head? We are always taking selfies – what about shoefies?? Not just #fromwhereIstand style, what about if you are lying down??

Maybe you get a little dirty (I drew the at line lying down in the rain at the Colosseum) and you get those “What are you doing looks?” but “Who cares!” give it a go – you never know how the world might look!

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How coloured shoes can change your life too

When I started my professional career, I was excited and enthusiastic. I loved getting dressed up for work and looking like a professional young woman. What I found though was that rather being treated as a professional, I was treated as a young woman.

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Penny Lovell