How coloured shoes can change your life too

When I started my professional career, I was excited and enthusiastic. I loved getting dressed up for work and looking like a professional young woman. What I found though was that rather being treated as a professional, I was treated as a young woman. I was friendly and outgoing and I was told I was “too enthusiastic” and when I was openly happy that I was “indiscreet”. I constantly felt like I was being treated differently – for being a woman, for being outspoken, for being intelligent, for having the audacity to ask questions and generally for being me. So instead I made myself invisible.

At the time, I thought it was just more comfortable not to wear makeup to work, to wear little to no jewellery, to wear pants with elastic waists and to wear the same comfortable black high heels every day. What I didn’t realise then, that I know now, is that I was making myself invisible; I dimmed my own light rather than telling others to get a pair of sunglasses.

Those few years were not great, it was easier to stay at home in track pants, nice and safe watching a movie, rather than heading out into the great mean unknown.

This is when I was “saved” by a pair of shoes. I still remember seeing them in the store – gorgeous teal suede leather with a tan heel. Beautiful Sacha by London high heels that made a statement. They were too expensive for me to buy, but how I wanted them. Still, those doubting thoughts “What would I wear with them?” “Could I pull them off?” By the time I had talked myself into them, the store was out of my size and my heart broke. I settled instead on my second choice, a pair of purple suede heels with a black trim. This was to be the beginning of the re-emergence of me.

I realised that coloured shoes – flats, heels, boots – anything coloured on your feet requires you to be more conscious of you. You become thoughtful and fully aware of where you are standing – you take the time to notice your presence. 

A pair of coloured shoes changed my life, maybe fLats can do the same thing for you.

PS. I will post a picture of those purple shoes : )

Penny Lovell