Suela arte - sole art

My vision is a fLat footwear label like no other, because I believe every woman can make a statement in every step she takes; you don't need heels to stand tall. 

I am here to help you embrace who you are, by giving you all the colours of your personality to wear on your feet - to give you art for your sole! 

Our shoes are designed with love by me (from my Melbourne studio) and hand crafted in Spain by a family owned business that has operated for generations

fletcherLovell is part of me - my maiden name, fletcher, so that I could feel like my deceased Dad was apart of this journey and my married name, Lovell, for my kids to be apart of it too.

Thank you for all being apart of my journey, I appreciate it! 

Love Penny xo

PS. Scroll down to the bottom for a picture of me : )


Our manufacturer pays proper wages and treats their worker's ethically and in accordance with the Fair Labor Association policies and principles.

Our shoes are also created in small runs to reduce wastage and the quality of our shoes make them a lasting purchase, so that they are not fast disposable fashion.


The footwear industry has a long way to go to be sustainable and we are working with our manufacturer on this. We use recycled materials and limit the plastic that we use as much as possible and only use it where necessary to protect our footwear.  

Charitable causes

We really believe in the importance of empowering women and we are looking to make donations for every pair of shoes sold. With so many options to chose from we want to make sure that we can make a difference to women around the world, so we are in a rigorous process right now to work out which charities will help us to help women stand tall in fLats. We are currently looking at educational campaigns for school girls, domestic violence support for mothers and building confidence through sport. We hope to announce some charities soon. 

Retail enquiries

For any retail enquiries please email as we do sell wholesale.